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Protocol for iv and oral edta chelation second draft may 15 2002 by garry f. Edta was developed by the germans in 1931 to reverse heavy metal poisoning from the ingestion of lead mercury aluminum cadmium and more.

Edta 1 0 1000mg Edta With A Free Charcoal Bowel Cleanse

Gordon md do md h chairman peer review committee on chelation for the arizona board of homeopathic medical examiners.

Edta chelation therapy oral dosage. Cousin is an option that is only now starting to be appreciated. Over time the toxins are expelled from the body. Our foundation program offers a total of 90 grams of pure liquid edta.

The factorial group results of the trial to assess chelation therapy. Administration of edta however oral edta which has a history at least as long as its iv. Tact was designed to see whether edta chelation therapy andor high dose vitaminmineral supplements are safe and effective in treating individuals with prior heart attacks.

Somewhat less well known among consumers and healthcare professionals are the benefits of the oral form edta chelation therapyin which the same edta compound used intravenously is taken orally in doses high enough to be effective yet safe enough to be taken without a doctors intervention. 6 week foundation program this is our enhanced 6 week foundation program which provides chelation oral therapy. Since it is already bound with calcium the edta in calcium disodium edta will not chelate calcium.

High dose of edta. The initial cleansing of your veins arteries. Direct iv push of calcium edta 50 mg per kg body weight not to exceed 3 gms given.

Because heavy metal poisoning is a serious condition consult a doctor instead of self medicating with oral edta. But once in the bloodstream. Calcium disodium edta will exchange its calcium for a metal of a higher on the affinity scale.

Oral chelation therapy is a treatment used to rid the body of toxins. Like the more well known. This page contains several different articles about the effectiveness of edta chelation therapy for cardiovascular disease.

Edta chelation therapy by intravenous or oral edta will cleanse the entire cardiovascular. The purpose of the study was to determine the safety and efficacy of edta chelation therapy for treating chd. Edta ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is a synthetic amino acid related to vinegar.

Most chelation therapy carried out today involves iv. If you choose to use oral edta supplement manufacturers recommend 2 3 capsulesday along with the following. Oral chelation is a relatively new therapy and evidence about its efficacy is limited.

The patient swallows a chelating agent which binds to the toxins. Oral edta supplements are cheaper but also much less effective than injected forms. Edta chelation therapy alone and in combination with oral high dose multivitamins and minerals for coronary disease.

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