Mesothelial Cells In Pleural Fluid Cytology

The diagnostic significance of the cytologic study of the fluid may be attributable to the fact that the cell population present in the sediment is representative of a. The aim of our study was to investigate whether a panel of five dif.

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An introduction to cytopathology is in the cytopathology article.

Mesothelial cells in pleural fluid cytology. Mesothelial cytopathology is a large part of cytopathology. Cytology of mesothelial cells round with indistinct cell membranes and fuzzy borders single or clumped with so called windows between cells large round or elliptical nucleus often centrally placed with a single prominent nucleolus may contain two or multiple nuclei cytoplasm is green with papanicolaou and blue with mgg. It deals with pericardial fluid peritoneal fluid and pleural fluid.

The morphological evaluation of cytological specimens from body cavity fluids presents difficulties in the differential diagnosis between benign reactive mesothelial rm cells and adenocarcinoma ac or malignant mesothelioma mm. Mesothelial cells in pleural fluid. Pambuccian cytology of metastatic cervical squamous cell carcinoma in pleural fluid.

Both non malignant and malignant causes of effusion can be identified by the relatively non invasive technique of pleural fluid cytologywith this basis the present study on cytology of pleural fluids was taken up. Many reactive mesothelial cells were present in only 12 of samples analyzed. There are certain cells that line the pleura the thin double layered lining which covers the lungs chest wall and diaphragm which are known as mesothelial cellsother than the pleura mesothelial cells also form a lining around the heart pericardium and the internal surface of the abdomen peritoneum.

Gamez jose jessurun michael j. Numerous mesothelial cells are seen in this pleural fluid from a dog with a transudative effusion with concurrent diapedesis of red blood cells or hemorrhage. Berger and stefan e.

The article deals with cytopathology specimens from spaces lined with mesothelium ie. Report of a case confirmed by human papillomavirus typing diagnostic cytopathology 37 5 381 387 2009. 20 of 119 of patients with malignancy involving the pleura but a negative pleural fluid cytology.

The mesothelial cells have central round nuclei with a moderate amount of light purple cytoplasm and a corona or fringe to the cytoplasmic borders. In contrast 653 of pleural fluid aspirates from a control group of patients with congestive heart failure contained. Eighty five samples of mesothelial cells in pleural fluid from 76 patients with biopsy proven tuberculous pleurisy were examined cytologically.

Actively dividing mesothelial cells can mimic an adenocarcinoma.

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